Throwback Thursday: DSB and YUK Nazi hunters of 90s Dallas

In 1985 3 friends skateboarding witnessed a neo-nazi beating on a woman in Dallas. Jumping into action they beat the scum with their boards, Dumb Skater Boys was born.

“DSB was the brainchild of Steven. In ’85, we were wandering around in Dallas, and this big motherfucking Nazi dude was beating up this girl. Steve had a skateboard. We started whopping on this guy with the skateboard. Some people walked up. They saw these two kids beating up on this big guy, and they said “That’s dumb, skater boys.” We ended up adopting that as a name– Dumb Skater Boys. That dropped pretty fast and became DSB. Most of the people in it today have no idea that that even inspired it.” -Snag, former Vice President of DSB

     During the time that DSB was active in the area, neo nazis would roam the streets in packs causing trouble for non-white, non-straight citizens of Dallas and around the country.

“I want to deny it, but it’s a gang. We have [new members] go through patty cake. There’s nothing funnier than watching to bold skinheads go through patty cake with each other. It teaches a pre-school type of love for each other. It teaches you that it’s ok to hug your guy friend. We’re very much about hugging. It’s a big thing. A lot of people have secret handshakes, we don’t. We hug. It just brings people together. The group is all about love. Part of that love is getting a guy off your brother’s back,” said Snag.

“It’s not like we go out, drink and look for fights. We have a mission and purpose. We try to make the streets a safer place to hang out. In ’87, the Confederate Hammerskins were taking over Dallas. We became a presence there. We worked like the Guardian Angels, making the Nazis realize that they could not go down there, jump someone and have a five on one. They would have a fight on their hands. Now, you don’t see Nazi skins in Dallas anymore.”

     Unfortunately in 2016, this isn’t the case, ANTIFA formed in a response to the threat of increased white supremacist activity due to the heated and racist political climate. Snag told ANTIFA Dallas that DSB was a non-racist skinhead group, but absorbed other anti-racist group members like YUK Young Urban Knights into their crew.


“DSB’s everywhere–Georgia, North Carolina, Florida, Minnesota, Oklahoma, DC, France, Spain, Germany… We have had over 1500-2000 skins involved with DSB. Right now, we have less than 100 active members. I was vice-president, and Steven was president. People, like myself, have moved on and let the younger skins take control. We’re still around, but we’re not as active as we used to be.”

      DSB is a shining example of the bravery of those who fought fascism before us. If we believe in the principles of equality, it should come through in our actions.

Salute to those who fought before us.

Salute to those who continue the proud tradition of fighting fascism.


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