Doublewide Bar in Dallas openly harbors neo-nazi scum

Late Thursday night one of our comrades was enjoying an evening at Doublewide Bar in Dallas, until he noticed some human garbage in the bar. They immediately alerted the staff asking why they allowed fascist neo nazis in their establishment. Instead of doing the right thing, they threw our comrade out.

Truly a fine example of the master race

This, following the fascist propaganda in Deep Ellum, is a disturbing trend. That we organize against. Businesses complicit in harboring nazis will soon learn that it is not “good business”.

SS symbols, iron crosses and the Circle 13- symbol of the Aryan Circle prison gang (a=1, c=3). But according to him he’s not racist cause, “…where’s the schhhwastika?!”

To counter Doublewide bar’s claims that, “he totally isn’t a white supremacist!!!!11” I present his friend, and fellow Nazi, Ricky Calms:


So not only is the fascist in question a Nazi, he’s “cray enough to kill.” It’s a sad day when a local business sides with the white supremacists.


Doublewide management is in total damage control mode, saying that the drunk youths made a list of demands that include “free drinks”. Too bad for them, our comrades reached out and penned this clear letter with only one demand: adopt a dress code that refuses entry for anyone sporting hateful imagery. Which, in our opinion, is getting out of this mess pretty easily.



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