Throwback Thursday: Dallas Vs. the KKK

White supremacists and fascists thrive on the inaction of others to be able to organize. If Monday in Houston was any indication, fascists do not think twice about murdering others to push their political agenda.

Paraphrased from tactics to fight fascism (1993):

Antifa Dallas is committed in providing no platform for fascists or white supremacists to organize from. We know as fascists grow then so will the racial and other attacks they carry out or encourage. Therefore we have to stop them growing by denying them the ability to organize. This means stopping fascists meeting, marching or selling papers, whether these are public or private events.

To do this we need to mobilize the greatest number of people possible against fascism and win these people to supporting a no platform policy. The passive support of a huge number of people is necessary for a number of reasons,

1) it is a protection against the attempts by the state to move against those physically confronting the fascists.

2) it demoralizes the fascists by pointing out how isolated they are. This is important but it can not be made the most important feature of anti-fascist work as a lot of liberals tend to. For the most part the fascists know they are unpopular, they just hope to win over enough people to terrify the rest into compliance.

3) it gives an audience to the spread of revolutionary ideas and the need to change all aspects of capitalism.

We also need to win over large amounts of people to actively confronting the fascists. This means physically shutting down their book shops, meeting, offices and paper sales. It means physically defending those the fascists attack and attacking fascists before they can mount such attacks. As I have said a good section of the fascists know they are unpopular, we have to do more than prove this to be the case. Those who organize racial and other attacks have to be physically attacked themselves until they stop such activity.


North Texas has had a rich history of physical resistance to fascists and white supremacists.

Read the news story here

In the 90s, the Klan marched downtown where they were met with 2000 counter-protesters, mostly Black and Chican@. The Klan had to be picked up and bussed “to the finish line” once again protected by Dallas Police Department.

2014, antifa confronted the fascists from National Socialist Movement and the KKK in Rowlett, TX. Once again the police (Texas State Troopers) ran defense for the racists while they ran away after antifa broke through the barricades.

We continue direct action against these ideologies because they run contrary to a peaceful world.  They believe that the labor of non-whites or non-Americans is free to exploit and actively work to concentrate wealth in a global minority.

Again from Tactics to Fight Fascism:
This is why we say fighting fascism can not be done just in terms of ideas. Fascists do not wait until they have convinced a sufficient number of people to put their ideas into power before they put their ideas into practice. Even tiny groups of a dozen or less organize and carry out terror attacks on those they oppose or scapegoat. Only physical confrontation can deter and prevent these activities. A few hundred fascists in any one town or city can be sufficient to prevent any progressive activity from union meetings to demonstrations being carried out unless these are protected physically. With fascism physical defense very soon becomes a key issue for even minor activities and we prefer to prevent them organizing in the first place rather then letting them reach a size where they feel they can attack us.

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