Dallas Antifa, Austin TX reportback


     The “White Lives Matter” movement has been used as a thinly veiled ploy to recruit more mainstream elements into the growing fascist camp. Holding armed protest at the NAACP and ADL in Houston, in Dallas after the shooting of 5 porkers and online organizing efforts have gained them some national attention. On November 19, WLM held a protest on the Capitol grounds in Austin as well as one in San Bernadino that never materialized. While their organizing capacity is limited, the confidence they’ve exhibited online and in the streets is something we cannot allow.

For more context see:

Houston: Report From White Lives Matter Protest

     Smashing fascism is an important part of building a revolutionary movement. It increases the militant capacity of our crews, expands our networks, exposes the liberal falsehoods of “free speech” for fascists and the ability of the state to act as a defense from the far right. Various antifascist crews throughout occupied indigenous land, so called “Texas”, have begun to network to combat the growing organizing efforts by various neo-nazi/neo-fascist groups.

13728989_10157111626750398_338765194618262495_n     Less than a week before the action our comrade, Eneyda Sorto, had died suddenly. Her family is asking for help with the funeral, you can donate here. We dedicated the following action in her name.
A sizeable group of comrades assembled near the capitol taking to the street, bloc’d up, banners, red and black flags flying, intent on clashing with the fascists and the pigs who protect them. As we marched down the street other masked individuals joined our ranks. We arrived at the capitol grounds to find  roughly 7 nazi scum protected by only 10-20 puerquitos. The counter demo had been corralled roughly 30ft away. Taking NO PLATFORM to heart,  we moved towards the pork lines but resulted in only one antifascist reaching the fash. The tactical disadvantage of 1 on 7 resulted in a largely symbolic face off, shit talkin’ but did cause the counter demo to break free from its corral. It must be noted that the tactic of masking up was being used heavily, even by those not intent on using direct action. We quickly flanked the scum and the pigs, trying to reach them through a side gate that was left unblocked. The pork shifted to counter but not before another face off with fash leader Ken Reed whose bravado had faded.
This brought in the horse mounted pork to separate the two groups. Again, we moved to flank through another unguarded gate as others spilled into the streets completely surrounding the fash. More pork on horseback and approximately 30+ of the DPS riot pigs rushed in to boos from the crowd. Spreading out we tested various thin areas in the police line and allowed other counter demonstrators to take the line encircling and drowning out the scum. As we regrouped, our numbers grew and we formed a column, locking arms and holding onto backpacks of those in front to prevent the porkers from kidnapping our friends. We pushed in on an area only defended by an handful of bike swine. Chants of “One Step More!” caused the crowd to crush forward pushing the bikes back almost breaking through. The riot pigs quickly shifted and stalemate was reached.


      Liberal “peace police” tried to quash our militancy and were quickly told “Fuck off peace police!” “If you don’t like it, get to the back!” by various individuals.  Red and black flags waved as volley of water bottles came crashing down on the scum and swine alike. Horseback pork came rushing in very aggressively, stepping on and knocking some counter demonstrators to the ground. It must be mentioned that our concern for the non human individuals resulted in a purely defensive stand. Our flag poles were instrumental in creating enough space to keep both us and the horses safe as well as allowing us to effectively hold our ground. The crowd chanted “Get the Animals off the Horses!” Next, the riot pigs rushed in and a melee ensued. Punches, kicks and blows from sticks were thrown and landed on both sides. The lack of experience in street politics by a majority of the crowd was exposed as we were pushed back to the other side of the street. Barricades were set up by the pigs as we tried to regroup and care for our injured. Realizing our new disadvantages and hoping to raise the esprit de corps we joined in on an Antifa version of Solidarity Forever.  At this point an individual decided to give the pigs a big drink of coffee. The individual was dragged from the hoofs of the porkers and disappeared into the crowd  We demasked in secure locations and exited the scene with barricades, horse, bike, and riot pigs circling the scum. We showed up together, we left together. No member of Dallas Antifa was arrested and everyone was charged up from the energy of the moment.  It was reported to us that the scum were escorted to the parking garage by all forms of pork and encircled by counter demonstrators and other masked militants.
We were notified of a noise demo for  individuals who had been kidnapped by the state at the demo. The masked group banged on pots, blew whistles, repurposed barricades and trash cans into musical instruments as jovial dancing, and yells were matched with the flickering of cell lights. A reactionary arrived trying to photograph individuals and was met with lively opposition. He quickly ran inside and 5 pig vehicles descended on the front of the jail. We scattered, heckling and laughing at the puercos.

Fuck the Fash!
Fuck the Pigs!
Fire to the Prisons!

Dallas Antifa


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