Practical organizing for ANTIFA and beyond

For many Trump’s rise to power was a wake up call and signaled the first steps into unfamiliar waters of organizing. Hopefully after reading this article you’ll have a better understanding of what organizing is and how to do it more effectively.

First thing’s first, identify the people you know right now that are interested in what you are trying to organize. Find out what they’re good at. Are they an artist? Do they write? know martial arts? Now that you have a core group it’s time to set up meetings. In order to feel out new people it’s best to set up a reading group, book club, movie club, etc. Encourage discussion so you can observe the habits of your new members. If they check out, make them part of the crew.

Next, you’re going to need a place to meet. Find a place that’s centrally located and easy to get to. Ask the space facilitator if you can meet weekly, monthly. If you hold consistent meetings, people will remember to attend and recognize that you are a serious organization.

Now that you have a spot you need to promote your organization and event. Make eye-catching flyers, leaflets and posters. Remember each of these should have up-to-date information on how to get a hold of you and attend meetings.

Social media. If someone googles your town and antifa, what pops up? Make a website, a twitter (be very very careful to not leak any personal information) You should post every week or so to show people that yes, you are still a group and yes still active.

Going outside and talking to strangers. If you leave the house, you should have 50 flyers or some random information to pass to people you may meet. Listen to people, if they’re talking about how fucked up the police are or anything that piques your interest you should ask them about their politics, “What do you think of…?”. Listen to them and ask questions. Tell them about your group in a few sentences and hand them the flyer. Personally invite them out and if you can tell they’re 100% down for the struggle, get their cell # and call or text them within 24 hours. Also if you find someone like this ask them, “Do you have friends that think the way you think?” Encourage them to attend too. Protests are a time to talk to more people and generate interest. It’s fun just to stick to your crew, but this doesn’t do anything to build an antifascist movement. Look around, who is the most excited folks there? These are your new friends, get their digits and invite them out for coffee and political discussion.Some more things to think about. Do you know your allies in the cities around you? Do they know you?

We discourage drinking as a social event for recruiting because stupid bullshit always happens when folks party, not to say you shouldn’t, but it shouldn’t be encouraged in your political organization.

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