Locked Up and Released in 24 hours, How Solidarity Will Set You Free

At the end of last year, Antifa Dallas / Ft. Worth was organized to combat increased racist and fascist organizing in our cities. After being active for a bit, we made a coordinated decision to assist other fights when we were able to travel to show solidarity to other struggles in the state. Our first action was against the Aryan Renaissance Society and Traditionalist Workers Party cover group White Lives Matter in Houston.

The contacts we made in Houston helped our next action in Austin and helped maintain a militant tone to the protest.
Also our friendship normalized traveling to other cities to aid in the struggle. Each action our collective struggle becomes bolder and judging by the days since the A&M protest, our resources become stronger.

In our enthusiasm and many successful actions over the year we had downplayed the need for legal resources in the case that any of our crew gets scooped by the pigs. A foolish mistake on our part.

In our moment of dread and despair our friends at Houston Anarchist Black Cross swooped in and hooked us up with a team of lawyers and helped us navigate the bail system and waited at the jail for our crew. And without a large portion of the bail money collected came from the organizing efforts of the rowdy Revolutionary Students Front – Austin crew, Serve The People AustinPeaceful Streets, RATPAC, Houston Socialist Movement, and the Dallas Workers Front our cadre would still be locked up. Also the militants from College Station who put our crew up for the night while everyone was furiously working to get them out.  Although they would probably have helped without us going to Houston or Austin, our new relationship is sure to build new forms of collective struggle in the months and years to come.

The response from the radical anti fascist community around the United States and the world was amazing and heart warming. Within 24 hours we were able to get our comrades out despite a felony level bail amount. We will never forget the solidarity and have recommitted ourselves not only to our anti fascist work but also prison solidarity as well.


We love you all,

Antifa Dallas / Ft. Worth


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