Not one inch, Antifa versus anti Muslim bigots in Richardson, Texas

A few weeks ago comrades brought to our attention a facebook event hosted by local gun-loving bigots, the Bureau of Islamic-American Relations. B.A.I.R., who’s leader David Duke…er Wright, usually spends his time threatening Muslims online or doxxing Muslim school teachers, decided to muster enough courage to crawl out of his insular bigot cave and venture to the big suburb of Richardson, TX.

The event page was called “Trump is Your President!” and featured a big ol toughie tough super manly-man and not-insecure-at-all white dude with a gun, a skull bandana, and a 3%er flag in the background.

Firefox_Screenshot_2017-03-19T16-35-56.818Z Richardson is home to a large immigrant population, over a third of the city is comprised of folks who arrived to the country after 1995. Comrades sent the word through facebook, twitter and other social media platforms to defend the Muslim community of Richardson against a clearly violent and provocative threat.

Against the wishes of the leadership of the mosque, liberal groups decided to make a protective barrier of love against the Islamophobes. By putting out posi vibes and good intentions, they had hoped that love would truly and finally trump hate.

We figured that just in case that didn’t work, we’d go out there and make sure that B.A.I.R. didn’t have the opportunity to point a rifle muzzle at the community.

For the first hour and a half of the event, B.A.I.R. bigots were nowhere to be seen. But then they were spotted in another church’s parking lot across the street. We decided to walk over to let them know that despite their liberal use of camouflage, we could still see them… just barely though. Like a bad sitcom, B.A.I.R. is comprised of 4 white dudes and a token “Hispanic”. A totally real, not made up quote by David Wright of B.A.I.R.:

“We’re not all White; we have a Hispanic.”

-David Wright leader of B.A.I.R. an equal-opportunity organization

So the media followed us, the peace-police followed the media all while the cops stood around looking tough with their also manly M16A240-omega series I-never-cry-because-I-am-a-man-and-I’m-too-busy-eating-steak rifles.

Another hour passed and B.A.I.R. found that their fire resistant camouflage could not protect them from being flamed by Antifa. The burns were so sick in fact, that Antifa doused one B.A.I.R. member with a water bottle. Truly an undeserved mercy on their part.

Eventually a member of the mosque (and organizer for the liberal counter-protest) tried to convince us that it was a good idea to let B.A.I.R. begin their protest across the mosque. Of course we refused his “offer” and was subsequently demonized by the media. No good deed gone unpunished.

The solution that was offered by the organizer was to treat B.A.I.R bigots to lunch at Halal Guys off 75. He looks like he has the makings of a liberal careerist political organizer.