The Littlest Stormtrooper Joey Kane gets outed (again)

Now some folks out there will tell you that you can’t trust everything you read on an antifascist website, but as history will show, you really should!  Little White Identitarians, or whatever Nazis are calling themselves these days, often use local media to cover up their bigot ideas.

Joseph Kane, once again graces our page thanks to Unicorn Riot leaking chat logs and Chris Mathias for this article. Also this post from Panic in The Discord, goes into much better detail about Lil’ Jo Nazi.


Here you can listen to Joey cry crocodile tears to grandpa GOP. It’s really disgusting and telling that in his snowflake safe space chats he’s an out and proud white man, but put a camera in front of him and he’s singing ‘This Land is Your Land’.


Joey, you’re a coward. When you were confronted by the community you hid and sniveled.

Anti fascists stand by what we believe. This world is for everyone, not based on someone’s skin color, gender identity, or religion. We will find who is spreading genocidal fascist ideology and expose them. Unlike fascists, we stop targetting people when they renounce their affiliations with white supremacist groups. So there’s that.

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