Dallas fascist loses his job, local companies don’t want white supremacists

In light of the recent Identity Evropa leak, several white supremacist organizers have been brought to light, leading to real-world consequences for their genocidal ideology. Information for this article was taken from this post.


It’s all fun and games until you get fired for being a bigot.


Meet James Ambrose Meyer, software engineer, now recently unemployed because of his involvement with Identity Evropa, a white supremacist group linked to the murder of Heather Hayer in Charlotesville, NC.

Unfortunately this is where his story begins.

Instead of identifying with those killed and wounded by the deadly attack by an Identity Evropa member in Charlottesville, he sought that group out and began advocating and organizing to spread their genocidal ideology around North Texas.


From IdentityEvropa.org

While he must have shown great restraint in the workplace, the chat logs from the Identity Evropa Discord server reveal a James who feels most comfortable around other racist, white men where he can express his sentiments of superiority over his co-workers who are primarily Indian. He refers to his Indian co-workers by the racial slur “pajeet” and jokes about firing them upon his job promotion to CTO. In the chat logs, James expresses a desire to hire and work with other like minded, white software enginners and jokes about firing a Black engineer for “incompetence.” James has been employed by a former boss who was a Hasidic Jew, and James was sure to include a racist slight in the server against him. One wonders if his current boss, who is Indian, will appreciate and tolerate the racist and fascist ideology that his employee harbors.

In the chats Meyer, under the psudonym “Quid Est Veritas” A reference to John 18:38 in the New Testament. This verse has been used by white supremacists to justify their villification and violence toward Jewish people.

Meyer, who had recently been promoted, was planning on using his position to hire like-minded white supremacists and fire people of color which he refers to as slurs within the leaked chats. Thankfully, he was unmasked before he could realize his economic threats.

IdentityEvropa.org sums up the kind of person Meyer is succinctly-

 James Meyer isn’t just an average white, conservative Catholic living in Texas. He is an unrepentant racist who was inspired by the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, Virginia to join a white supremacist group: Identity Evropa. Even though Identity Evropa has changed its name to the American Identity Movement, its membership and leadership remain largely unchanged. It is important to track and expose the individuals who organize in white supremacist groups such as this one. What is perhaps most dangerous about people like James Meyer is when white supremacists move to put their ideology into action. It is this move to organize actions that contribute to the ongoing systemic and targetted oppression of often marginalized communities such as immigrants, women, non-hetero & non-cis folx, the alter-abled, Muslims, Jews, and anyone whose skin color does not present as white.


We hope that Meyer and others will renounce their white supremacist beliefs and work to make amends to those hurt and killed by their organization.