Peyton Turner: SMU fitness fascist

Southern Methodist University’s motto is, “World Changers Shaped Here”. We hope that isn’t the case for engineering student and white supremacist Peyton Turner.

While his involvement in Identity Evropa at first glance seems to be relegated to fitness, nutrition, and weight lifting; he hints at recruiting fellow weightlifters to his genocidal ideology.Firefox_Screenshot_2019-03-28T23-23-52.741Z.png

“Our guy” is a euphanism for white supremacist. He even helps out with a white supremacist health podcast, talk about your niche interests.


Unfortunately, like other white supremacists, his activities have spread outside the Internet.

Peyton on the left holding the flag of Identity Evropa, the white supremacist group linked to the murder of Heather Heyer in Charlottesville, NC

Graduating from a prestigious private university like SMU would go a long way toward placing white supremacists, like Turner, in positions of power. With James Meyer in mind, we can see that they are unafraid to use their power to empower other white supremacists, at the cost of their non-white co-workers.

If you are a university student or faculty, would you feel comfortable with an open white supremacist on campus? Please inform SMU that they should prioritize the safety of SMU students from this white supremacist.


Kim Cobb
Director, Media and Community Relations
Phone: 214-768-7654
Twitter: @SMUkimcobb

SMU Lyle School of Engineering

Phone: 214-768-3050