Cheesy Neo-Nazi Unmasked, Matthew Eagle of Granbury, TX

Researched and originally published by FashFinder:

Meet Matthew Wyatt Eagle, the cheese Nazi of Granbury, TX, who is also in the Proud Boys AND Identity Evropa. Eugene Antifa discovered he entered the discord server with his full name based on the Unicorn Riot leaked IE chats. Not a wise decision.


Matthew’s LinkedIn


Matthew is a likely heir to Eagle Mountain Farmhouse Cheese (EMFC) –

the company his father founded after a long career in law enforcement and where Matthew is employed. His father, Dave Eagle, is also the County Commissioner of Precinct 4 for Hood County: Hood County Website – Dave Eagle

Matthew hasn’t wasted a moment indoctrinating his children to hate in plain sight. There is no shortage of racist dog whistles and standard alt-right trolling material decorating his FB profile.

Matthew Eagle Facebook


The Eagles like their cheeses how they like their people: European only.  Their website can be found here: We wonder if the “farmers markets, high-end cheese purveyors, and finest chefs in Texas” that sell this Nazi cheese to the public are aware of what they’re supporting? Probably not! It’s also not entirely clear whether EMFC has a partnership with TX grocery giant H-E-B, where Matthew’s wife works as a Cheese Shop Specialist. Very progressive of Matt to let his wife work so closely with non-European cheeses!


The link above has HEB’s contact info, but if you can’t reach that site, here is the contact info for the regional office closest to Granbury:

Director of Public Affairs
3890 W. Northwest Hwy, Ste 300
Dallas, TX 75200
Phone: (214) 252-5904

Regardless, discerning customers willing to go a bit out of their way can purchase EMFCs aryan “artisanal” cheeses at C&J Butcher Shop in Granbury and Central Market stores throughout DFW.

Hard to imagine fascists could ruin something so perfect as cheese, and yet here we are. You hate to see it. Contact:
 817-579-2500 (Granbury, TX) 
 C&J: 817-579-8077. We did leave more direct information to the regional HEB office above.

We need a massive push, so let them know something’s rotten in Eagle Mountain.