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From Fashfinder:

For North Texas, the Dallas/Ft. Worth Area has been a safe haven for LGBT people who escaping the bigotry of many East Texas towns. Unfortunately, some East Texas bigots are coming to Dallas to step on the LGBT community in order to line their pockets with sympathy donations.

We’ve seen this before in Boston. “Activists” submit a permit for a provocative protest, hoping the city will deny. Quickly they can sue the city for 1st amendment violations and count their cash. If that fails, they promote the protest to people who will be offended by its offensive content, then cry to right-wing outlets and play the persecution card. The donations flow in, badabing badaboom, finally you can redo the tile in the bathroom and

payoff your car note.

Like Boston’s Hate Pri… Straight Pride Parade, the organizers of Protect Our Next Generation (PONG) seem to blame a lot of Cisgender and Heterosexual issues on the LGBT community.

In their event page, they mention human trafficking, which has been a buzz word used by right-wing groups to criminalize sex-work, which forces sex-workers further underground making them much more unsafe.

PONG mentions marriage values, abortion, binary gender systems, which all seem to be individual issues. They seem to be upset that Dallas isn’t run by a regressive religious theocracy. Sorry, not sorry PONG. You’d have better luck in Saudi Arabia.

Last, but not least, they mention Drag Queen Story Times, which is a literature outreach program in which some library branches participate. Like the nosy neighbors who can’t mind their own business, PONG really is very passionate about what’s between your legs, who you love, and what events you and your child attend.

Who would drive 2+ hours On I-20 to get to Dallas to hate on the LGBT community? Well, let’s meet our grifters!

PONG spreading hate at the Boston Hate Pride March

First, we’d like to introduce intolerant bigot and Christian author, Teresa Richenberger. Richenberger came into prominence after publishing her book, “Sold to the Highest Bidder“, and “Striking it Rich” mostly about her time as a sex-worker in Houston. She is on the board of Rahab’s Retreat and Ranch, a women’s shelter in Kilgore, TX and

Teresa posing with state senator Bryan Hughes and representative Travis Clardy.
Teresa posing with state senator Bryan Hughes and representative Travis Clardy.

attends New Covenant Church in Longview, TX.

From her pictures posted on her social media, she seems to be trying to rub elbows with political leaders and faith-based media in order to further her grift. Seen above she traveled all the way to Boston, Mass. to participate in the Hate Pri… Straight Pride march held earlier in 2019. Depending on how her event goes this month, we may see many more excursions to Dallas, and other more tolerant cities within the state. Here are some examples of where her head is at.

Bekki Davis is a manager at Rahab’s Retreat and Ranch, and while normally we’d extend some slack for someone whose boss may be pushing them to do something they don’t want, we do see her in the picture with Teresa in Boston.

These bigots have yet to deal with the contradictions of their hate. Professing to love others while despising fundamental facts about themselves. We will never go back to the days where our LGBT community is attacked on the streets, thrown in jail, and killed. We understand that silence is violence and these bigots will learn that soon.