Dallas moves to counter anti-LGBT hate rally


It has recently come to our attention that an organization known as Protect Our Next Generation (PONG), based in the Longview, TX area, has organized a hate rally at Dallas City Hall Nov. 16 at 10a.m. The leader of this organization, Teresa Richenberger, is listed as a leader on the Super Happy Fun America, a 501(c)4 that has ties to Neo-Nazi and other hate groups around the country. The organizers are using opposition to human trafficking and support for “straight pride” to cover their actual agenda: inciting hate against the LGBT community.

Dallas Anti-Fascist Action has organized a counter-protest in order to shine light on this parade of hate coming into our city.

To clarify our position:

  1. We affirm the rights hard-fought by the LGBT community and refuse to go back to hiding who we are to appease homophobes and transphobes.
  2. We affirm that sex-workers are workers and recognize that legislation against them only results in making their work more dangerous.
  3. We affirm the right of people to have access to healthcare. This includes family planning and contraception.
  4. We affirm our right to community self-defense when bigots roam our streets inciting social and physical violence.

PONG’s presence is itself an attack on Dallas, designed to waste city resources to protect their hate-speech. In fact, the whole hate rally is likely a grift designed to solicit sympathy donations from bigots and religious extremists following this spectacle.

This hate rally comes only 4 months after we lost Chynal Lindsey to transphobic violence. This is the 3rd unsolved murder of a trans woman in Dallas this year.

We remember the unsolved homophobic Oak Lawn attacks of 2015. We remember the police raids of Rainbow Lounge and The Club in 2009 and 2010. We remember the miscarriage of justice following Tommy and John’s death in 1988.

Where hate speech flows, hate crimes follow. We can’t trust the police to protect us, but we can trust each other. We sear the motto “SILENCE = DEATH” on our hearts.

Bash Back,

Dallas Anti-Fascist Action