Dallas, TX is a hotbed of white supremacist organizing and activity according to the Southern Poverty Law Center, also Dallas has a rich history of resistance to white supremacist violence. Amid the massive influence of the KKK in 1920s, George B. Dealy printed articles exposing the white supremacists hold on the city.

Dealy is honored today with a plaza downtown.

His actions were essential to dismantling the KKK, which at the time was deeply rooted in white society in Dallas.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. visited Dallas during the 50s, where Black residents suffered greatly under the racist segregationist policies of the time.

July of 1973, Dallas was rocked by riots resulting from the murder of 12-year-old Santos Rodriguez by the Dallas Police Department. Organizing after the fact helped bring a resurgence of the Xican@ movement in the city.

DSB members in Dallas

During the 80s, neo-nazis would roam the streets terrorizing the population. The anti-racist group Dumb Skater Boys (DSB) would fight them in the streets. Their direct-action confrontational style is embodied in the current anti-racist struggles in Dallas.

The recent anti-racist struggle has been taken up by anarchists and communists in the city after months of organizing in social justice movements.

To join us in keeping our city white supremacist free please contact us on twitter at @antifadfw.

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