Fascist Propaganda Appears in Downtown Dallas, Replaced by Local Antifa

The start of July white supremacist group Identity Evropa sent a callout to their membership to put up these vague recruitment flyers around the 100 S. block of Malcolm X and the 800 block of N. Harwood in the Museum district[INSERT PICTURE 2]. Upon learning of the fascist propaganda’s existence, Dallas Antifa mobilized quickly to put up posters of their own.

IE quickly replied, but unfortunately (for them) didn’t bring enough to cover all of the Antifa flyers. The next day, Antifa once again replaced flyers and tagged a few other locations. Although this is a comical chapter in anti-fascist resistance in the area, sadly it may mark a dangerous turning point in fascist organizing in the area. If any alt-right foothold takes place in the metroplex, it could jeopardize the safety of local activists.

Any activists interested in joining Dallas Antifa are encouraged to reach them on twitter: @antifadfw.

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