Why no platform for white supremacists?

Recently a question came across our organization: Why don’t we leave the white supremacists alone? Why do we confront them and add attention to their organizing attempts? Aren’t we helping their message along by confrontation?

Racism isn’t harmless. White supremacy is an ideology that professes that the world belongs to whites and that People of Color (including Jewish People), LGBTQ, and the disabled are inferior or subhuman. This ideology, when allowed to flourish, consistently produces innocent victims. White supremacists begin on smaller scales in the form of racist threats and attacks, their activity will intensify. If given any amount of political power, it quickly becomes a tool of the state and expresses itself in fascist institutions like the prison industrial complex, racist border controls, and wars of aggression.

The ultimate goal is a world free from racism. You can’t allow a violent ideology spread, you have a right to self-defense if you’re targeted by white supremacists. If you’re white, you should protect your neighbors and friends from racists.

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