Antifa forms boycott committee to pressure Double Wide to adopt anti-nazi dress code

It’s not unusual to find, “No shirt, No shoes, No Service!” signs in business all around the US.

One week since the confrontation with known White Supremacist, Chris Hayden, the Double Wide bar, double downed on their support for their fascist regular.14434852_10104927288411560_7993502599403176378_o Our comrades were forced to add more security to their public social media profiles due to death threats coming from the “totally not racist” Double Wide bar patrons.

The call to boycott has been called by the “not neo-nazi” bar supporters as an attack on free hate speech, fascist strong arming, among other laughable things. It’s ironic that they can notice supposed fascism when it comes to encouraging businesses to act responsibly; but not when it comes to actually Neo-Nazi symbols and imagery.

Actual excuse found from Double Wide’s page:

No swastika, guess he’s not a Nazi.
  • The SS symbol
    • Two Harry Potter symbols?
    • Identifies a Tampa Bay fan?
    • Not racist until it has a swastika
  • The Iron Cross
    • Not racist until it has a swastika
  • Aryan Circle patch




Which makes us wonder about their eyesight and reasoning skills since the White Supremacist’s friend (who is also a Nazi), verified that Chris Hayden is not only a Nazi, but also “cray enough to kill.”



The Double Wide received our request to change their dress code to ban the display of hate symbols. Which they refused which begs the question, why?

Why, if you’re not a Nazi bar, would you not ban white supremacist imagery?

Does Double Wide Bar feel that if they made this one tiny change would impact a significant portion of their clientele who are sympathetic to WS ideology?

Or are we to believe that they believe so strongly in free speech that they’re willing to defend a violent neo nazi in the face of a boycott?

Either way, the boycott is on until an openly anti-hate dress code is adopted.

We ask ANTIFA chapters around the world to contact the bands and labels in their area and encourage them to not play Double Wide or Single Wide Bar in Dallas, TX. Any bands honoring the boycott will be given an alternative show.


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